June 26, 2021 astris

Step 1 – Go to <business.facebook.com>

Step 2 – Click On <Create Account>


Step 3 – Fill the info then click on <Submit>



Step 4 – Confirm your email <from the email provided> go to your email and click the link sent by facebook



Step 5 – Click On <Menu> then <Business Settings> from the list



Step 6 – Go to <Account> then Clikc <Pages>



Step 7 – Click On <Add> button then Click on <Add A Page>




Step 8 – Put in your facebook <name> or <URL> then click <add page>



Now you have added the page to the FB business

Step 9 – now go to <Accounts> then <Ad Accounts> and Click <Add an ad account>



Step 10 – Add a name to your add account it can be your business name select time zone currency and click next.


Step 11 – <Click on My Business> then create

Step 12 – Activate<Full Control Manage Ad Account> then Click asign


Step 13 – Click on <Add Payment Info>



Now we are done





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